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Hair Wigs

Wigy Hair Solution is the one-stop solution for human hair wigs as we have an array of wigs for all whether its men or women, kid or senior’s so come on we are eagerly waiting to solve your hair problems and give a new & fabulous look at affordable prices as you wanted it.

Men Hair Wig

Men have tried and men have failed, hair products come and go, claims made and denounced, but a convincing and effective remedy is still not found among these hair growth solutions. A more expensive way out is surgery and hair transplant, but not everyone can afford that and even that comes with its own list of cons. Amidst all this furor surrounding the cause and effect and a substantial solution to hair loss, one particular remedy that sticks out, or rather sticks in is hair wigs.

Women Hair Wig

We provide a wide variety of Women wigs in different lengths. The monofilament top makes a natural-looking parting. This is a handmade women wig. Moreover gives natural form. This is a Black net wig. The full hand-tied monofilament top allows you the change the parting for different looks. This ladies wig is smoothness and comfort. Made with 100% Nature Human hair. We provide a wide variety of women wigs in different lengths. It looks very soft and styled like your own hair. The natural hair wig is in a perfect form and fits really close to the head for the maximum natural look.

Hair Patch

Hair wig/patch is a cap-shaped patch made up of natural hair which is used to cover the bald area. Hair patch is the best and affordable treatment for hair loss. When hair growth is not possible from medicines and a person can’t afford to go for hair transplantation, hair wig/patch is the safest and easiest solution.

Hair wig and patch color, shape, and quality

  1. Color: Hair wig/patch is available in 3 colors. Light brown, dark brown and black
  2. Shape: Hair wig/patch comes in many shapes.
  3. According to the size of the scalp, different kinds of hair wigs/patches are selected.
  4. Quality: Hair wig/hair patch is available in varied quantities.

Hair Wigs and Hair Patches Difference

The difference between hair wigs and hair patches depends on the area covered a consultation with us will decide a solution perfectly fitting your case after discussing the hair wigs and hair patch price we move forward to design a one stop solution for our clients with us you will enjoy the best baldness solution. To design a perfect solution we use international grade human hair wigs and hair patches. There is huge difference in hair wigs and hair patch in terms of usage and function. Hair wig is basically designs to cover the entire head in a defined way so that the patient can enjoy a fuller look. Hair patches are generally used to cover bald spots. It is a quick solution designed by our experts to cover the bald spots by using scientifically toned natural human hair.

Hair bonding

There are many treatments available for Hair Loss or Hair fall problems. Hair Bonding comes under Hair Extension. It is the quickest way to get rid of baldness or hair fall. Hair bonding is a painless and non-surgical way to add compatible hair extensions to your existing hair.

You have to go for Hair Bonding, if:

  • Hair falls in patches
  • Abnormally thinning of Hairs
  • Facing baldness

There are two options for Best Hair Bonding in Pune.

  • Soft Hair Bonding
  • Hard Hair Bonding

You can consult with us about these options. Our experts will tell you whole thing about Hair Bonding. According to our experts, Hair Bonding is more comfortable than Hair Transplant. So collect all the information of Hair Bonding and understand what is best among all the treatments. Also, it is not much costly when you go for the hair bonding option to get your hair bonding in Pune.

Hair Replacement

Hair loss is one problem that can affect the self-confidence and self-esteem of a person. In recent years, number of people suffering from this problem has increased. The problem is consequential to poor lifestyle, genes, medication, unhealthy eating habits and stress. If you are suffering from hair loss and looking for non-surgical hair replacement treatment then you are at the right place.

Non-surgical hair replacement in Pune is the best treatment for treating baldness. Here are some of the non-surgical hair replacement treatment options:

  • Hair weaving
  • Designer Wigs
  • Hair Extension
  • Hair Silicon Bonding
  • Chemotherapy Wigs
  • Hair Extensions for Women

Hair Fixing

Hair is the most important feature of our personality. But because of modern lifestyle and genetic reasons, hair loss becomes a major problem among the people of all age groups. By the age of 30, most of the men start balding and most women also experience hair loss, it’s less noticeable in women because they generally have longer hair.

Now, you don’t have to get embarrassed due to hair loss or bald patches, hair fixing gives you a new personality and boosts your confidence. It makes you look the manner you wished yourself to look.

Now, say goodbye to your hair problems forever. Anas Sheikh Permanent Hair Patch Solution has given endless people back their personalities by offering smart solutions to baldness and hair loss. With our effective hair treatments, we can restore your confidence and make you succeed in life.

Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions have now become very popular and demanding, We Anas Sheikh Permanent Hair Patch being leading salon offer best hair extensions, these are glued or clipped into an existing hair. It is essential to know its benefits before you buy extensions for yourself.

Benefits of Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are particularly alluring methods for completing an extraordinary number of astonishing things with your hair and individual style. By adding it you can increase hair length, you can try the various look, accomplish a look which is not possible with your original hair, and many other great outcomes. This flexibility has made hair extensions standout amongst the most popular hair services. In spite of the fact that there are numerous advantages for the individuals who use them, we have listed the best advantages of hair extensions.

Hair Clipping

It is a blessing to have naturally healthy hair but unfortunately, not everyone is equally blessed. Hair loss or hair thinning can make you look less attractive and bring your morale down. Most often individuals with hair only at the sides and back are on a lookout for hair replacement procedures.

Hair clipping is one such method where a hair unit is locked with your real hair with the help of special clips designed for this purpose. The hair unit can hold 5-7 strands of your real existing hair. The best part about this procedure is that maintenance is easy and you won’t require any follow-up. This seems like good news for those who are always pressed for time. Additionally, being a topical and non-surgical procedure, this has no side effect.

If you get hair clipping done, you can easily manage it on your own. All daily activities can be carried out with ease. You shampoo your hair, color it or style it the way you want. The hair unit has a net base and the hair is knotted in it. The net is made out of soft quality net which is also transparent. This indicates that air, as well as water, can pass easily on to the scalp making things comfortable for you.

Our Speciality

Depending on your Hairfall/Hairloss/Baldness problem you are given a proper consultation. After the consultation Hair patch is selected and a Hairstyle and Haircut is given to you according to your Face Profile.

Our Services

Hair-WigsHair Wigs (Male/Female)

Our human hair wigs are some of the highest in quality and offer a natural looking style and soft feel .

Hair PatchHair Patch

High Quality, non-surgical hair restoration process re-creates the look and feel of your own natural hair.

Hair bondingHair bonding

Is non-surgical pain less and without any side effect. It can work as solution for hair loss condition.

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